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Let us bring back the Good Old Days of Running!!

Dearest Friends, 

Often we hear of comments mentioning that races are increasing their registration fees every year and there are few events that retain the same price over the years. 

We always wished we could return to the good old days where races were just a few bucks and they were kept simple, pure and people ran for the sake of the experience, the joy, and the exhilaration of racing with fellow friends/competitors and/or just want to have fun outdoors and meeting new friends, some even become lifelong partners. 

If you share the same sentiments as some of us do, we would like to invite you and your friends/groups/colleagues/families/relatives to join us at the No Frills Runwhich covers all the essential aspects of an event, including your safety, which is of paramount importance to us. 
We hope to see you there!

Let us bring back the Good Old Days of Running!!

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