Race Infomation

Date of Event: To be confirmed
Venue: To be confirmed
Flag Off Time (tentative)
  • 10km - 4.00pm
  • 5km - 5.30pm
  • Kids Dash 700 metres - 6.15pm
NOTE:Actual Flag Off times may be adjusted

Bib Number Tag Collection
You may collect your Race Bib Number Tag on race day from 3.00pm onwards.
We suggest coming as early as possible to avoid any delay.

Event Program
2.00pm - Collection of Race Bib Number Tags commences
3.55pm - 10km participants assemble at Start Line
4.00pm - 10km Flag Off
5.25pm - 5km participants assemble at Start Line
5.30pm - 5km Flag Off
6.10pm - Kids Dash participants assemble at Start Line
6.15pm - Kids Dash 700 metres Flag Off
9.00am - Prize presentation to top 10 Male & top 10 Female 10km winners

*Actual time may be adjusted

To be confirmed

What's In Store For You:
- Distance Markers at every kilometre where possible
- Drinks (Isotonic & Mineral Water)
- Medical/Ambulance
- Timing
- Complimentary Baggage Deposit

Age Qualification:
(as at XXXX)
10km - At least 13 years old
5km - At least 10 years old
Kids Dash 700 metres - up to 9 years old

Prizes (for 10km only):
Prizes are awarded to the top 10 Male & top 10 Female
who clock the fastest times in the 10km.  There are no prizes in the 5km Fun Run.

Position (10km)
1st runner up
2nd runner up
4th position
5th to 10th position
$10 each

  • We are promoting the Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) initiative as part of our effort to reduce wastage of cups used for hydration. You may support this initiative through one or both of the following ways:
  • *Bring 1 bottle, cup or container of your own. You may wish to make a marking on it to identify it as yours:
    • And/Or
  • *Carrying your own hydration bag/bottle & refilling it at the water station.
  • You may leave your bottle/cup/container at the Water Station located at the Main Event Site (subject to availability of space) or any location where you can retrieve the bottle conveniently.
  • To fill it up, simply bring your bottle/cup/container to the Water Station, inform the volunteer regarding the type of drink you wish to fill it up with & the volunteer will gladly assist you.
  • Re-usable Cups will also be provided if you do not have your own bottles/cups/container but we encourage you to bring your own.  Only 1 cup will be provided per participant.  Please do not dispose of it until after the event as we will not provide new cups if you have thrown it away. Please use the masking tape & marker pen (provided) to indicate your name/bib number to identify your cup.
Waste Disposal
  • Please dispose all waste into the bins and/or trash bags provided.
  • Do not litter along the route or in the park.