Comments from the 1st Edition on 13 August 2011
It was most fantastic weekend race d I've ever join. i believe Running Guild has done great job for all participants and themselves. i also love watermelon-T as my collection :) ...looking forward next event by RG... many thanks !
by Ryoichi Otsuka 
Hi Ben,thks for that running event yesterday. I personally rank it as the running event # 1 in Singapore now. I like to thank all of you guys who made it happen including the photograph guys who motivated me!  I hope I can join very often. Good job!
Best regards
Karl Heinz Faber
Hello Ben, running guild, runners gait, volunteers & supporters...
Thank u guys very very much for the run last evening. It was simply awesome! It was my 1st time participating in this organization..ESP in 15km... I'm very thankful for u guys to wait for until the end of the race. It was indeed a gr8 experience for me. I'll definitely support u guys in the future events... :):):)! Thanx for the motivation & support guys...
by Kalaivani Haridas 
Thanks for organizing this run. It was a great event, well organized and very "family" like.
I enjoyed it a lot.
by Karin Hacker
tks for well organize event especially on 1km marking , road marshals , time keeper and many stuffs. 2 thumb up :)
by Marcus Ong (Male 15km Champion)
"Hey Ben, a big thank you on behalf of all the runners from SIM Track & Field for organising the race. All of our members enjoyed it thoroughly. We look forward to more of such activities in the near future! Onward No Frills Series!"
by Ryan